Virtual reality and augmented reality — enjoy it!

Do you remember those sci-fi movies and action films about the future? Those futuristic virtual reality goggles, various augmented reality devices and other things that we could only dream of. Well, in case you haven’t noticed, the future is already here! All kinds of VR and AR devices are on the market these days, and here at Gadian eCommerce customers have quick and easy access to all that.

Let’s start with VR (Virtual Reality) — computer-simulated experiences and environment. Basically, VR gadgets allow us to enter a completely different reality and hear, see and even feel things that we want to hear, see and feel. If we talk about VR systems, we mean headsets, goggles, headphones and computers/gaming systems that generate all that. Of course, video games are the most common area of use for virtual reality, and modern VR video games are amazing! However, educational and other purposes for VR are also quite common. So, we want you to be able to fully experience virtual reality and all its perks, so the VR/AR Glasses section of gadian-ecommerce.com is full of modern and high-quality 3D virtual reality glasses, VR headsets and various VR accessories like non-slip straps and pads for VR helmets.

AR (Augmented Reality) is another thing that’s quickly gaining popularity nowadays thanks to modern technological advancements. This one is a bit different: it’s basically an interactive experience of a real-world environment, but it’s enhanced by computer-generated imagery and other sensory factors. Even today’s smartphones, for example, tend to have AR capabilities. So, at Gadian eCommerce we offer a wide range of 3D AR glasses and other AR gadgets and devices.

In fact, we suggest you try both! Get some VR and AR gadgets at gadian-ecommerce.com and enjoy all the latest perks of modern computer experiences!

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